Marjane Satrapi’s Battles With The Press

“The Washington Post,” “The Baltimore Sun,” and even College of Notre Dame’s “Columns” failed to get an interview out of the elusive Marjane Satrapi, author of “Persopolis,” and “Persopolis 2,” who visited CND’s campus April 1, 2008 and held a lecture for hundreds at LeClerc Auditorium.

I wanted to understand why Satrapi hated the press. So I decided to attend this lecture and was amused about her life story. She spoke about winning an Academy award nominated for “Persopolis,” her life in Iran and what she truly thinks about the United States. What left me nonplussed was her evident hatred towards journalists. Why did she think they were dry and boring?

Nevertheless, it was apparent in Satrapi’s spoken word that she had a gift for humor. Her brash, in your face sense of humor  is heavily drenched in her latest comic book titled “Embroideries.”Though I didn’t read “Persopolis,” I felt that “Embroideries” was heartfelt, moving and more relate-able than the latter.

Later on, Satrapi concluded her speech,I decided to buy one of her books, wait in line, and gab with friends about her vitriol towards journalists. I wonder who screwed her over? I wasn’t very popular with my peers that day since I schmoozed my way to the front of the line.

After Satrapi finished signing someone’s “Persopolis 2,”  I crept closer to the raven headed author. I eschewed pleasantries and rudely asked,” Why do you think journalists are dry?”

Her agog eyes stared me down. She wore a bewildered expression and tried to salvage what’s left of her self-respect.

She lied, “Not all, I know a couple who are very funny and nice.”

  Great save Satrapi! I wonder what she would really say if  there wasn’t a huge crowd behind me.

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