The Wire’s Joy Kecken is true to herself

Joy Kecken, staff writer for the hit Baltimore drama “ The Wire”,  spoke to an intimate audience of 40 students at College of Notre Dame. Though her voice was light, her message on being an ethnic women in the Communication Arts field grappled women’s heart strings.

During her three year stint as staff writer for “The Wire,” Kecken exuded confidence, vigor and strength. Kecken’s hard work paid off down the road since she was able to  garner  a director role for a few episodes during season 1.  She always kept her head up high when times were tough and took chances with her career. Even when she was scared she went after her goals and advised us all to follow suit.

When it comes to her speech, a personal highlight of mine is when she preached about always fighting for ones beliefs, never being ashamed of ones origins and to always go after  your dreams. Since there are times, in any woman’s life, when going after one’s dreams seems impossible due to hardships imposed by life. Life will always be difficult but a life well lived is one where challenges are dealt with head on.

Kecken concluded  her thirty minute speech by challenging  women in the audience to spark change in the Communications field.  Be the change you want to see in the world but, most importantly, “Be true to who you are and just do it.”

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