Death and Marion Winik

Busboys and Poets, which is  located on 1440 V street in D.C, is the place for  DMV residents and transplants to sip chai, talk about social issues and to meet prominent writers who inspire, teach and philosophize.

BusBoys and Poets was inspired by Langston Hughes, a famouse African American poet, who worked in restaurants and concocted pieces of work such as “Life is Fine” and “I, Too, Sing, American”.

Acclaimed writer Marion Winik stopped by to give a short reading from her new book Glen Rock book of the Dead to an audience of forty coffee addicts.

 According to her reading, Death to her is a growth experience that not only numbs but goes into how it’s the little things in life– such as eating at the same restaurant every week– that will be sorrowfuly missed when one sleeps six feet underground.

Winik is not only known for being one of the godmothers of creative non-fiction but is a well known columnist for Ladies Home Journal, a professor at University of Baltimore, and has had one of her novels enlisted as a New York Times best seller.

It was a memorable night and her reading has definitely shaped my views on people, and the afterlife.

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