Fuel is now “Re-fueled”

fuel_brettBrett Scallions left Fuel in 2006 for personal reasons, thus, the name “Re-fueled” comes into play.

Though the actual band Fuel currently has a new lead singer, Scallions created “Re-fueled”, which is pretty much Fuel but without what’s his names on drums and  on lead guitar. One can assume it’s his way of  redmeeming  his non- shakey voice.

They were at The Recher theatre in Towson, MD tonight  and performed to a semi- packed audience. At the show, I decided to  position myself in the front so I could see how much time has passed Scallions face. I mean, these musicians from the 90’s are getting  really old.

From my observations, he looks as withered as Art Alexakis from Everclear.  Whatever the case maybe, Scallions  did play some of my favorite songs:

Re-Fueled’s hits

  1.  Shimmer
  2. Hemorrhage
  3. Empty Spaces
  4. Bad Day
  5. Falls on me

By the end of the night, I fought a rude fan for a guitar pick–and lost. He stepped on my hand and plucked the pick from my hands.

I did find another guitar pick from beneath this one  woman’s sketchers.  I swiped that sucker out from beneath her foot and ran out the door before she could sucker punch me for it.

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