The day I met Marsha Brady…

marsha bradySeptember 27,  2009 was Baltimore’s Book Festival in the Mt. Vernon area.  It was a nice affair for novice authors  display their work.

Besides the cheap book deals, I was on a personal mission to get as many free things as possible.

I was able to pull off getting five pieces of candy for free ( including large snickers snack size bars); an autographed novel; a hodge podge of stickers and buttons; smooth coffee from Land o’ Lakes, and an autograph from Maureen McCormick aka ” Marsha Brady” from The Brady Bunch.

Since this was a book signing booth, due to social expectations, I HAD to buy a book.  But then again,I wanted a free celebrity encounter sans paying for anything.

 I knew what I had to do. I had to defy social expectation so I took out this scraggly piece of paper, and waited in line with one of my best friends, Chardae, for fifteeen minutes. One  McCormick’s book tour associates later berated me for not following the rules ( purchasing the book, kissing Marsha’s bottom, etc).  I told her verbatim, “Ask  Marsha ,herself,  if she can sign my scraggly piece of paper.”

 Upon  over hearing this conversation McCormick put her hand over her face, whimpered and rolled her eyes at me. I hid my smirk  since  it’s not every day you get to annoy a TV Land great. She signed my chewed up peice of paper and even agreed to pose for a photo. I do want to note that she did all of this hesitantly since there was a crowd amassing her humble book booth.

  After this humerous debacle, my friend Chardae proclaimed, “Why do you have to cause a scene?”

 I answered back, ” Well, it’s not every day you get to meet Michael Jackson’s ex- girlfriend”.


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