Best Diet Noodles:Try Bangkok Curry at Noodles & Company

noodles and company I was in downtown Silver Spring this weekend meeting up with my old college bud  Rachel. Besides traipsing throughout the area, we were beginning to get hungry. Rachel was in the mood for noodles and I knew the best place in the downtown area for them.

Noodles & Company, in my opinion, makes the best padthai and potstickers and I knew we had to go there.

We both wanted to try something new so we both ordered a small Bangkok curry plate. I was a bit skeptical of the dish since it has more veggies than noodles but one bite won me over. The noodles were cooked adente, the sauce had a yummy coconut after taste and the veggies were not overcooked.

I doused  my dish with Sriarchi sauce just to give it more of a kick.  I do, however, regret not ordering a large bowl but $4.50 is a great deal for small noodles though. bangkok curry

If you are on a diet and you need to watch your calorie intake, order a small bangkok curry.

Besides regretting to not order a larger bowl, I think I doused too much Sriarchi  sauce on my noodles. I love spicey but I think I went over board on it?

There’s just something so addictive about that chilli sauce that I can’t put my finger on.Hopefully, the creators of Sriarchi didn’t add in any addictive substances into their sauce?


  1. I am definitely going to try that.. I always pass by noodles & co and I wonder what the food is like seems like a casual yummy lunch that is a good deal 🙂

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