My Starbucks Recipe

starbucksSometimes, I feel that Starbucks is ruling over our wallets.  On a daily basis, their creamy Caramel Macchiatos and their Vanilla Fraps  can easily burn a hole in anyone’s wallet, since those daily purchases accumulate fast.

 Aside from the fact that Starbucks Fraps are very pricey,I’ve  often observed that customers who frequent Starbucks are not always sure what to get, so they get whatever they see on the store’s board.  Honestly, not all people are  coffee connoseurs but regular folk who wants something to tide them throughout the day.

The reason why these lattes, fraps, and chai lattes are priced exorbitantly is because the milk is steamed and they add complimentary espresso shots.  When you really think about it, do you really need steamed milk and extra espresso shots? Those two surcharges are what’s eating your wallet.

My Starbucks recipe will not only help you save money but  it will tantalize your taste buds:

My Recipe

  1. 5 pumps Vanilla syrup ( no cost for Vanilla)
  2. chocolate syrup
  3. Pike Roast (2 dollars for tall)
  4. Breve (30 cents) or just add half and half from the counter

Try it out and leave a comment whether you like this recipe or not.  If you don’t, atleast you know how to customize your coffee.

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