Slim Jim’s Frenemy:The Seven-Eleven Snack Stick

beef stick This morning,  I went to Seven-Eleven and decided that their big bites did not even tempt me.  My mouth satiated for a Slim Jim but I only had enough for its competition– the  Seven-Eleven snack stick.

I took a bite.  It’s not as” OMG” as the iced french vanilla coffee from Seven-Eleven but it  does stave off my beef craving.

It’s definitely not  in Slim Jim’s caliber since it has a chicken-y, dry after taste but atleast it tastes beefy enough to be considered a decent counterpart.

 The Seven-Eleven snack stick is less healthier than its’ competition though since It has 14 grams of total fat and 150 calories, whereas the Slim Jim has 2 grams of fat and 30 calories.  It’s obvious which one is the healthier choice, but when you are on a budget which is more important: Your health or your wallet?


  1. I bought one of the seven-eleven snack sticks for my dog since she hadn’t eaten all day… she smelled it and turned away. She loves beef and chicken, but apparently even she thought it didn’t smell like real meat.

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