Are you being taken advantage of?

Being taken advantage ofWhen you take a good look at this kid’s face, don’t you feel sorry for him? I know I do.

I’ve had that same facial reaction whenever someone used to use me. I call it the biggest drawback of being too  nice a person. In fact, these same people who overly use you also turn on you,  especially when you unearth their ulterior motives.

I know I am not alone since a lot of  ultra nice people get taken advantage of in friendships and in relationships.

My golden rule is when someone gives anything( help, finance, gratitude, time, etc.) to me, I give equally back and I always say thank you.  Remember that  people don’t always  have to be nice to you but when they are be gracious.

If you are reading this post and this sounds exactly like your predicatment, maybe you should pomder the following:

  1. Is your friend asking you for money, stealing your friends and using you to do her chores without even considering to pay you back?
  2. Does she only complain after you do a nice gesture and never once thank you?
  3. If the person is not normally kind, are they only extra nice to you when they want something from you?
  4. Does this person always pretend to be the victim just so you would shower them with this and that?
  5. Do they have temper tantrums with you or break apart your reputation with your circle of friends when you do not hang out with her?
  6. Do you become fearful of their anger if you don’t answer all of their requests?  If they lash out on you in raw anger for making you do what you do not want to do, that is emotional abuse and it’s very unhealthy.
  7. Does she make you feel ashamed or less of a person because you are not sucking up to her or paying for her lunch that day?
  8. Does she intentionally do less for you as you do more for you?

Friends  who take advantage of you  for selfish reasons are manipulative.  I know this sounds crude because this could be one of your best friends but face the facts:  she’s sucking up your resources without a care or a concern. So, are you being manipulated?:

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