Stevie Boi:A celeb behind every shade

SBMA_004 Steven Strawder aka Stevie Boi  aka ” Shade Guru” is coming up with a new line of  celeb-oriented glasses onNovember 15, 2009, and this line will surely supercede his last line.  Strawder has  created twenty-five glasses and  each of them  have a distinct flare for every celebrity he has created them for.

He has created shades for Rihanna, Beyonce, Lady Gaga , Teyona Taylor, Omarion, Bowwow and lots more.  Stevie Boi is one of a kind in that he inspires his own style and he doesn’t mimic anyone elses. He’s also  been featured in “B Magazine” and several other national magazines as well.

I met Stevie, or who I like to call Steven in person, before he became a huge name internationally in the fashion industry. I was assigned to write a short piece on his fledgling music career which comprised of his infamous Myspace page and several You Tube clips with catchy songs concerning alien abuctions and haters.

We were at Starbucks and he couldn’t recognize me since i’m this tiny Indian chick and I couldn’t recognize him because he was  this extremely tall model with an eclectic style. 

 After 15 minutes of doddling around, we realized that we were each other finally. The interview went well and my best impression of Steven is that he’s a humble, kind-hearted man with big dreams that can’t be contained in a small area like B-more.

He was kind enough to lend his trendy glasses to students from my College to model at our International Fashion show and he  helped bring vendors to the show as well. Who knew that he would later hob nob with big names but still retain that sweet nature from when I first met him at  Starbucks.

 If anyone is a big fan of Beyonce, Rhihanna, Lady Gaga, and they are also into high-end couture–just shell out some dinero for Stevie Boi’s shades and fashion line “Toxic”.

He’s a trendsetter with a heart andit’s hard to find that now-a-days.


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