Tahiti 80: A love from Outer Space

Tahiti 80 transformed legos into a cosmically romantic feat with their music video, ” A love from Outer Space.” I love indie bands and how a majority of them creatively use pop culture to construct a work of art–musically.

Watching this video brought me back nostalgic memories of when I was in middle school and  when I used to adore that 1999 WB now-defunct show  ” Roswell”.

I was  such a huge fan of Max and Liz, the cosmic Romeo and Juliet of my time, that my imagination used to escape me when it came to thinking about the possibility of aliens existing.

Ten years later, the 12-year-old inside of me still looks up at the stars and wonders if aliens do exist, could they possibly be romantic partners to humans like in the movie  ” Star Trek” (Uhura and Spock) or in  1970’s “Starman”?

Every day, new evidence is popping up over alien life existing in distant planets but those facts–compacted in scientific jargon– doesn’t leave too much for the imagination.

If aliens landed on earth in 2010, would do they look like a green martian or Jason Behr?


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