Twilight vs. Roswell

twilight roswellThis is an excerpt from my lastest article published in CinCity2000’s Web site.

Teens, tweens, and even young girls get flustered when they see or even think about Robert Pattinson, the sexy actor who plays vampire with a bite in the Twilight movies (based off of Stephenie Meyer’s bestselling book series).  Many even seem to relate to the character Bella, the lonely, emo heroin from the books and in the movies.

But what most Twilight fans don’t realize that in 1999, the WB had a teen drama called Roswell (watch the pilot here) that pretty much has the same plot with aliens instead of vampires. The show never had as much popularity as Stephenie Meyer’s creation, but it did have just enough to become a cult classic.

The rest can  be read here.

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