A caffeine fix by O.P.I

You know I am a caffeine addict if you have gleaned my past blog entries. I drink Starbucks, 7-11, and Dunkin Donuts ice coffees whenever I get the chance.

My addiction for this fix has gotten to the point where I have to wear this specific shade of nail polish–“Caffeine Fix” by O.P.I.–just because it reminds me of decadent coffee in the morning.

I’ve worn Sally Hansen, Revlon, NYC, and even dabbled into  knock off brands from several hole in the wall beauty supply stores but nothing really cuts it like O.P.I for me.

I wear this  O.P.I nail polish shade  like  I drink  my coffee feverishly. I have to wear a color that’s dark but fiesty enough, yet have to have the color  subdued enough to not raise any eye brows.  When I drink my coffee, it has to be slightly strong but not too harsh since I don’t want to raise any eye brows by acting extra quirky.

Even though “Caffeine fix” is $9.00 at your local Sephora, it’s worth the investment since all the other drug store nail polish brands tend to produce flaky, gloopy colors that thin over your nails: Does anyone really want that?


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