I tame my hair the Matrix Biolage way

Growing up, I always had thick, luxurious hair but it was always pretty course and unmanageable in the mornings; I would straighten, condition and smooth it out to the point where I had greasy fingers  all day.

I didn’t understand why my hair couldn’t be silky or smooth like the  girl next to me. I  did however, try to fight human nature by saturating it with drug store products.

Who knew that all of that work would end up stripping my hair of most of  its’ natural moisture along the way.

A month ago, I got my hair cut by this chain smoking Russian man at Hair Cuttery.  He snipped, cut and whacked my locks away at a slow pace though.   When he preened my scalp, he complained subtly, “Your hair is tricking me.  It has too many tangles and it’s dry. This haircut is going to be a battle.”

I thought, “What the heck”.

I did, politely, mask my frustration behind my pearly smile.

After the hair cut, he recommended this shampoo called ” Matrix Biolage” to revitalize  my hair. A few days later,  I awkwardly looked at my hair  in the mirror and realized that he was right: it was a genocide waiting to happen.

Amazingly enough, that $20 stuff worked. My hair is very silky and  smooth now.No more white flakes to combat anymore plus I won the hair battle and beat dry scalp to a pulp.  I wish I used this stuff when I was in highschool though, I might’ve gotten to first period on time for once.

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  1. nice.. I enjoyed that and I had the same problem in middle school and some of high school trying to figure out what to put in my hair to tame it without leaving it too greasy

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