Switchfoot:Hello Hurricane

Last Sunday, I was at the 9:30 club with my friend Abhisek and we jammed out to Switchfoot’s two hour-long show.  The first hour was a complete promotion of their latest album and the latter hour was decked out with my personal favorites like ” Stars” and ” Only Hope”.

I’ve been a fan of this band since “A Walk to Remember” came out in middle school and I was already enamored by songs like “You” and “Learning to Breathe”.  As a woman who has recently graduated from college, I realize that this band is much more than just a 90’s band since their intent behind every album is to uplift people’s spirits–lyrically atleast.

” Your love is a song” was the one new song that kept making rounds inside my head. It’s not only catchy but extremely romantic since music and love can be a potent potion for more.

I wish I can say that about songs by ” Coldplay” but their regurgitated mimickry they call alternative rock tends to grind my patience like a dull axe to the brain.

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