“Baby come  back” by Player is my number one favorite song for 2009 because of that Swiffer commercial.  If it wasn’t for that commercial, and for that ridiculous mop singing, ” Baby come back”– accompanied with a Mariachi band– than I never would’ve given it a second glance.

When I went to college, I would randomly burst out and sing this song for the sheer hell of it. It was so catchy by itself,  that I was able to sway a mass of girls into thinking, singing and feeling this soulful seventy’s one-hit- wonder’s tune.

Even to this day, I can’t stop singing this song even though it doesn’t relate to me in the slightest.  This song is my fondest memory of 2009 and my college buds.

I also dedicate this song as a present to whomever reads my random blog entries on a daily basis 🙂

Happy Holidays XOXO!

Written by Sherryn Daniel

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Sharing the Details (formerly Sherryn Daniel’s Blog), a comprehensive Gala and red carpet blog that provides the true sparkle with the D.C philanthropic and glamour scene.

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