It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Last week, I vacationed in Columbus with a good friend from Ohio State.  Besides literally chilling in freezing weather that evaporated all the moisture from my face, I watched a  lot of  It’s always Sunny in Philadelphia to pass the time.

After pummeling through three seasons, eating the same box of pizza for two days and leaving body imprints on the couch: I realize that this is a new guilty pleasure.  It’s about five  friends who own a barren and unmanned bar in Philly.For some odd reason or another, they get into so many schemes and squander what little conscience they have for selfish desires.

This description may sound vindictive but the show itself,  seems to be appealing to the masses since millions tune into FX for this Machiavellian morsel:


  1. This is the definition of a cult show. Quirky humor that isn’t trying to please the masses. They aim directly for a certain audience, and they hit their target. Everyone needs a little “It’s Always Sunny” in their life!

    I hope the moisture in your face has returned! 🙂

  2. This is one of great comedy show. I have always liked Danny on the comedy show Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia. His talents comes across as he plays. The storyline and characters of this show are fantabulous. i mostly Watch Its Always Sunny in from “” website.

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