Keanu Reeves 10 best socially awkward quotes

Keanu Reeves is what I call the most luckiest man in Hollywood. He is not a great actor, not very bright and has been extremely lucky when he did Speed with my girl Sandra Bullock years ago.

Because of that and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventures, he was able to remain an A-lister.  People scoff at me when I say Keanu Reeves is one of my top favorite actors and I don’t understand why they do that.

One friend said, ” He’s really dumb and he can’t act! What will people think of you when you tell them he’s your favorite actor?”

Well, he’s my favorite for approximately three reasons which is: he’s HOT, he says socially awkward things and he pulls of romantic movies off well ie The Lake House.

I collected a list of my top 10 favorite socially awkward quotes by Keanu Reeves that I feel are extremely quotable:

  1. “Do they? I don’t know. I haven’t checked it out, you know. I don’t like go home and like…”Google” me.
  2. “I am not handsome or sexy. Of course, it’s not like I am hopeless.”
  3. “When I read in US Weekly the other day that she was fifty-nine, … I was like, ‘whoa, dude, no way she’s old enough to be my mother.’ Being with somebody that old is like committing incest, only you’re not related.”
  4. “Can you get halfway around the world? Can you do a walking trail of the movie?”
  5. “I got smelled, … we had a lovely conversation, and I was in.”
  6. “What is the Matrix?”
  7. “What would happen if you melted? You know, you never really hear this talked about much, but spontaneous combustion? It exists! [People] burn from within… sometimes they’ll be in a wooden chair and the chair won’t burn, but there’ll be nothing left of the person. Except sometimes his teeth. Or the heart. No one speaks about this, but its for real.”
  8. “[when told he’d have to “bite the bullet”] Yes, but I don’t have to eat the whole rifle.”
  9. “I’m Mickey Mouse. They don’t know who’s inside the suit.”
  10. “My name can’t be THAT tough to pronounce!”

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  1. hollo! I`m andrea from argentine, I thuink this article is great but, keanu is great a good actor and a good singer even.

  2. I get the same reaction when I say he is my favorite. No. The acting is not the best…There are better; however, he can act with the best of them! He has heart and has the most perfect facial features.

  3. “He’s not very bright.”

    “He’s not a good actor.” you should probably look at this
    “Halfway through Constantine, a fully clad Keanu Reeves steps into a shallow pail of water, sits on a chair next to it and holds a cat in his lap. Any actor who can retain his charisma in this weird-silly moment–can keep us watching, and admiring his dutiful nonchalance–deserves to be called a movie star.” – Richard Corliss (journalist), “Caught Between Heaven and Hell” – TIME (US) – 14th Feb 2005

    “Keanu is a very underrated actor. His work is just phenomenal. I met him and I remember looking away and wondering, ‘My God, he’s got it all back there.’ I mean, just look into this guy’s eyes and it’s a wonderland of experiences. I think he’s amazing, and not a lot of people know it.”

    – Charlize Theron (costar, The Devil’s Advocate and Sweet November)

    and this

    thanks and have a great day.

  4. Pretty insightful post. Never thought that it was this simple after all. I had spent a good deal of my time looking for someone to explain this subject clearly and you’re the only one that ever did that. Kudos to you! Keep it up

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