Snowmageddon 2: My Birthday

Even though I was blockaded by snow, I knew for sure that this birthday was memorable. I used to throw myself elaborate birthdays and ensured that all of  my closest friends were present to celebrate it with me.

Since I was stranded at home, I realized what was most important in life, which were the smaller things in life.   I received so much love that day through text, IM,  Facebook and phone calls that it made me appreciate the day more  than getting a bracelet from Tiffany’s or dining out at a high-end French Bistro.

Also, who knew that fast food would be considered delicacy during a frigid blizzard? I actually  risked my life for Szechaun 1 off Briggs Chaney Road’s  Mongolian Lamb but failed miserably. The farther I drove out, the more snow pelted my car and the more paranoid I got over the ice-laden roads manipulating my car into oncoming traffic.

Yes, I made a U-turn back home and decided to order twenty hot wings with ranch sauce from Pizza Bolis  ( I figured this would satiate my craving for soul food until Snowmageddon 2 ends).

That yummy dish also  went well with  watching ” Beauty and the Beast”, in the comforts of my own room.  No complaints, this was a finger-licking good day.

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