A day at Arundel Mills Mall

It’s been ages since I last walked into Arundel Mills Mall with my best friend.

I truly missed snacking on Mrs. Field’s moist cookies, slurping up my mango bubble tea and walking in consistent circles around the food court: just to get free BBQ chicken samples.

Besides the munchies, what I missed the most was buying clothes at a great deal.  Over the years,I made it a habit to never payanything at full price because I knew that four quarters or  ten dimes or even twenty nickles can equal a  dollar.

As insane as that sounds, it became an inner competition with myself to see how far I can stretch my change over the years. I know at the ripe old age of *cough * cough, that I mastered the art of  frugality.

In the bottom of my Coach purse, I collected around $35 of rusty pennies, mysterious gold dollars and dashing JFK half-dollars. I use that wisely at The LimitedH& M and Charlotte Russe for a kick-ass halter, ruffle vest and golden crested fake jewelry that will hopefully trick me out as some sort of Desi princess?

The creme de la creme of my day was purchasing Wu-Tang Clan’s greatest hits. I also know that this purchase beats any perky top or  and glittery jewelry. I now know I  have what it takes to memorize Triumph, in the comforts of my own car sans  distractions.

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