What Makes The World Go ‘Round..To Me Atleast

I find myself to be a very happy person most of the time, in spite of life throwing a few sucker punches  towards now and again.

The best way I don’t let any of that get to me is by remembering big and little facets  that make the world go round(at least to me anyway).

I compiled a list of 60 things that I love  passionately with all of my heart. Well, 61 if you include Rasmalai ( picture on the left-hand side), but I’m sure this list will baffle and affirm anyone’s prior assumptions of me.

1.) J.Lo Love at First Glow: I’ve worn this scent since I was a sophomore in college. I don’t think I can wear anything else and not feel so lucky in the mornings.

2.) Biz Markie: He has a face any mom can love…

3.) My jacked-up Hyundai Elantra: I’ve had her since I was a senior in high school and we’ve driven everywhere together. She wasn’t my first, second or even third choice but over time, I grew to accept her as my own..

4.) Subway’s Cheesesteak subs:  I can’t help it, I like to eat fresh.

5.) O.P.I nail polish: My nail crack, I cannot get enough of it.

6.) Coach Purse: Wherever it goes, I go.

7.) British Alternative Rock Bands:  I’ve had a penchant for this brand of rock since  I first saw Travis’s  music video for Side, in the 6th grade.

8.) Concerts: I love to go to most types of shows and even venture into seeing up-and-coming bands in little drinkings holes. My best show to date was  seeing The Verve in Madison Square Garden in 2008 to a some-what packed show.

9.) Bacon: It’s so bad for you but doesn’t it go great with anything else..including sandwiches?

10.) Facials: I hate black heads… .

11.) Outback Steak Houses Medium  Rare Steaks: It has just enough raw-ness to make it taste real inside my mouth.

12.) R. Kelly’s Trapped In The Closet Series: It’s not every day you see a midget pop out of a cabinet.

13.) Bethesda: If heaven was a place on earth it would be approximately 25 minutes away from my house.

14.) The Classics: I love reading books written by great writers( MCPS trained their public school teachers well 🙂 )

15.) Dancing : It’s a great excuse  for me to dress up, work out and mingle. And  I won’t forget to mention that it’s a great bonding experience with girlfriends too..

16.) Wu-Tang Clan’s Greatest Hits: I feel like a ninja every time I hear “Uzi” in my car…

17.) Working out: That horrible blizzard threw me off my Y schedule.

18.) Swimming: Though I am bad at it, I won’t be for long once I get my ‘mermaid self’ back on track…

19.) Skiing: I miss falling on my behind every winter.

20.) Ice Skating: I love going around in circles–and never knowing when I should really stop.

21.) Bad Karaoke: Annandale Virginia needs to watch out, my singing makes babies and adults cry.

22.) Politics: I think it’s my duty as an American to know what’s going on in my state, country and in the  world.

23.) Festivals: I try to go to most festivals  ( especially book, cultural and wine ones).

24.) Poker: Texas Card hold’em is my game.

25.) Korean Cuisine: I’ve eaten Korean dishes since I was 6-years-old. Ironically enough, I don’t even know half the things I eat nor the names of the dishes.

26.) Traveling: Whether it’s across state lines, a road trip or flying into a new country;I love to travel any chance I get. My goal is to not only visit every single state in the U.S once but to visit every single continent without breaking a sweat.

27.) Southwest Airlines: It’s been my mode of transportation since 2008 and I doubt that will ever change anytime soon ( unless they add more surcharges)…

28.) The Limited:  As I’ve gotten older, my tastes for more refined clothes has developed fiercely . I don’t know any other place that has the right tops that fit my personality as well as this one.

29.) Express: Being a petite woman makes jean shopping ever so tricky, which is why fate brought me closer to Express where they have ultra slim jeans that hug my tiny curves just right.

30.) Costume Jewelry: Since I love to dress simple and elegant, I try my darnedest to wear outlandish jewelry aka costume jewelry to bring out my overall outfit.

31.) Vie de France: I am really picky when it comes to eating  desserts but this is by far the only place I know where I can eat all of their pastries without suffering from a bad after taste aftwards.

32.) Change: No, I am not talking about President Obama’s slogan, but more like the coins that add weight in the bottom of your purse. I’ve gotten away with pouring $20 dollars worth of change at my local gas station’s counter top  just to pay for gas.

33.) Blogging: I blog because it’s a great way to  connect with  friends and pretty much the entire world. Try it sometimes, you may end up liking it.

34.) My diaries: I’ve kept one since I was 16- years- old and it’s the only way I know of going back in time whenever I want to relive some happy memories or even some tragic ones.

35.) Scrap Booking: I used to be extremely particular about every page being perfect and  about ensuring that there is an ample amount of stickers, cut-out flowers, and pictures adorned on each page. In the future, when I pick this hobby up again, I will simply let loose my creative juices.

36.) My hair cut: I was lucky enough to get it cut to look exactly like Alice Cullen’s from the  teen movie “Twilight”. I do want to forewarn you that no, I am not a fanatic nor an ardent fan of this movie.I just love that little vampire’s hair do.

37.) Piggy back rides: I may be short, but I can get tall when I latch unto anyone’s back.

38.) Boordy Wineries: They make yummy white wines.

39.) Baltimore: Where else can you crack a fresh crab, douse it in butter and have it sprinkled in ripe Old Bay Spices? Baltimore  has amazing shows, eclectic areas such as Fells Point and the Mt.Vernon area. I shan’t forget to mention some fond memories I had there that will never dissipate from my mind.

40.) Parminder Nagra: She’s not only gorgeous but an amazing actress. Watch seasons 10-15 of ER and you’ll see what I mean.  Also, mad props  for Neela and Ray hooking up!

41.) Holidays: I used to passionately celebrate every single holiday  but I’ve been suffering from a holiday slump since last October. I hope to pick myself up before Halloween, my most favorite  holiday of the year.

42.) Writing pop culture articles: Ever since my schedule cleared up drastically due to personal reasons, I feel like I can finally write more movie, music and TV reviews for http://www.cincity2000.com without anymore futile distractions.

43.) Making sound impersonations: Apparently, I won an award for 92 Q for doing an accurate impersonation of Miss Swan from Mad TV a few years ago. I guess I can do sound impersonations according to them.

44.) Roswell Marathons: I used to watch romantic episodes of  “Roswell”  in the comforts of my basement with my high school bud Jen and we would often eat Korean Ramen, swoon over Max and Liz’s intense love,  and then pop in another DVD. I’ll surely miss those days since she’s moving away to Seattle.

45.) Cooking: I make a delish’ stir fry and I used to make apple crisp, chilli and potato salad too.

46.) Christian Bale: I’ve liked him ever since he did “American Psycho”. I  regret missing out on most of his recent films because I felt like he sold out big time for dropping his indie flicks for big budget films. No matter what though, I will always be a Bale-head and support him and his  shenanigans.

47.) Coffee: My dark, silky love. It nourishes my mouth from dryness and it  jolts me into doing my work expediently.

48.) Romantic Movies: I’m a woman, leave me alone.

49.) Baby Come Back by Player: The most romantic song I can think of winning me back 🙂

50.) Laughing: I don’t want to imagine a world without laughing. I love doing it so much and making everyone laugh too.

51.) Foreign Films: I love French, Bollywood, Spanish, German and any other language I can’t understand.  Pretty much any kind of foreign film is great to me since they unearth different cultures and nuances into my mind.

52.) Meeting Celebrities: I’ve been watching Entertainment Tonight for years and because of that, I feel like it’s a hobby  to meet celebrities in real life. I’ve been meeting random ones since 2005, when ” Step Up”  was filmed at my college. Since then, i’ve been meeting  a maelstrom of celebrities ranging from that  the dad from ” The Addams Family” through the Art Alexakis of Everclear.  Who knows, I may end up meeting Britney Spears one of these days?

53.) Friends: It’s self-explanatory if you listen to The Golden Girls theme song.

54.) Creative Non-Fiction: It’s been awhile since I last wrote anything heart-wrenching i.e ” Febreeze” but ever since then, I’ve had a theory when it comes to writing effective creative non-fiction. If you live a crazy enough life, jot it all down in a notebook. You can always go back and give it a well deserved face-lift and ensure it becomes a masterpiece. Since then, I’ve been living my life as fun and adventurous as possible.  Hopefuly, with practice and determination,  I will write a thoroughly engaging  piece that will be world famous.

55.)Etch-a-Sketches: Over the years, I developed this hidden talent for drawing detailed images unto any Etch-a-Sketch. It’s important to note that  I make it imperative that I don’t own one so I can pretend to be a traveling artist once I find one to use for the moment.

56.) Volunteering: I used to tutor urban city kids for three years in college and I was a mentor in Best Buddies. I love helping others and giving back to my community.

57.) Absurd Humor: I love to  laugh at anything quirky, unique and one-of-a-kind.

58.) Fine Dining: I’m a gourmet foodie at heart.

59.) Toy Dogs: I call them “Sherryn- sized” pets..

60.) Going to a Game: I admit, I don’t have the ability to watch football or baseball on TV with much fervor nor patience. Yet, if I go to any game whether it’s for the Orioles or for a local High School team; I will become a crazy fan–for the moment atleast. I love the audience involvement, greasy food and overall bonding you get to have with those around you.

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