My “Wire” Experience In Baltimore City

Awhile back, I had to  drive  into Baltimore City to go craft a stellar essay at my college. Little did I know that I was going to  have to tolerate a  minor altercation downtown.

Apparently, by Martin  Luther King Boulevard, there was a green light at a cross-section and  as I was  about to drive past this green light, this Baltimore City Cop blared his sirens, and irresponsibly tried to overtake me.

Though he  was to the left of me, and was trying to chase after this potential sketch criminal–I was paranoid that the cop wanted to go after me and make up an excuse to arrest me for no good reason– I was an average driver who did not drive past any red lights nor drove oppositely from any designated  one-ways.

It was simply me and this cop car  dueling it out, car versus car. As I  inched my car over,  he would inch his car over. Whenever  I would halt my car, he would halt then rudely brake it hard to make a point. We both didn’t know who was going to pass first, and we both feared of front ending our cars at the same time.

For like awhile, it was a stop- and- go game since neither of us knew who was going to pass first. Finally, the cop sort of let me go at  and as I was going, the cop car was going too. So I stopped and foolishly put my hands over my mouth. I didn’t know what else to do and was getting a bit scared of the cop. The cop was annoyed with me and I was fearful of him.

He later screamed, ” Fuck you” and then flipped his middle finger at me, and at last drove away.

Honestly, isn’t it suppose to be the other way around? Me flipping off the cop and driving away? Only in Baltimore City..


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