Twilight: The Alice Hair Cut

I remember when I first watched the movie ” Twilight”, I was in sheer awe over Alice Cullen’s hair cut. How did she get her spikes to stay so airy?

Her haircut, fits her overall personality, in that she’s a light, fun and easy going person–unlike the heroin of the movie but that’s for another entry.

Smart hair salons bank on this trend by ensuring that their top hair stylists watch Twilight 8 times, practice that hair style on naive onlookers, then cut, trim and voila.

I’m not a Twi-hard, or a hardcore fan of Edward or Jacob ( though if I wanted to act goofy before ” Eclipse” came out, I would sport a Team Jacob shirt, fyi) but I am a devotee of the Alice Cullen hair do’.  In fact, around February, I was able to replicate the hairstyle by going to the Spa I work at.

I think this is the best hairstyle I ever had in my entire life. It’s easy to wear in the mornings, since all I have to do is blow dry it with a metal brush, flip the ends, and hair spray it to stay all day.  Here is my take on the “Alice Cullen”:

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  1. Imparmsweep says:

    Love the blog entry!

  2. irotsgere says:

    You should definitely write more Twilight entries. My personal fave was the one about “Kristen Stewart” being fugly..
    Best regards

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  7. irotsgere says:

    Can you make a blog entry about Alice’s latest hair cut from the “Eclipse” movie?

    Best regards

    Martin odżywki

  8. Cadiacila says:

    I totally want to see the “Vampire’s Sucks” movie!

  9. MeplieloRiz says:

    This is like the best blog I have read! I must follow you on Twitter and on Facebook.

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