The Aussie Burger:Served Sunny Side Up

When I was at  my internship the other day, I was craving something juicy, meaty but sorta healthy yet I didn’t know exactly what to get.  I  then decided toclosed my eyes, and picked something random inside Ramshead Live in Annapolis’s  menu and by sheer luck, I picked perfection in a bun: The Aussie Burger.

It’s juicy, meaty and healthy( thanks to the cooked egg incorporated inside of it). I’ve never eaten a burger that had a slice of breakfast inside of it before. I really liked the flaky bun, fully cooked beefy patty and was enamored by that gooey ooey sunny side up egg.

I know that in Korean ramen there is normally a sunny side up egg cooked inside of it but I had no idea, that you can put it into other dishes as well. Who knew?

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