Kal Penn Was Robbed:So, Here Are My Thoughts..

Okay, I get it that Kal Penn was robbed at gun point by his Washington D.C home, but really, where was his body guard? He should’ve had one, if he did, he wouldn’t be frantic over a misplaced cell phone.

If I were Kal Penn, I would’ve made sure I was very cool with my homey, John Cho aka Harold, and we would’ve faced that robber with a stiff upper lip.

 Instead, he probably doesn’t even Facebook Harold, let alone send him an E-card off his I-Touch.  Oh,  Kal aka Kumar, has D.C really mangled you into something unrecognizeable?

I heard through the grapevine, aka, a cool person who sorta-kinda-maybe-meh worship’s the ground Kumar walks on, that he is rearing to head back to Hollywood to shoot Harold and Kumar 3.

Maybe, the robber is a hard-core fan and wanted to say hi to Harold?


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