Senator Barbara Mikulski’s Campaign Kick-Off: Rocky Gap Resort in Alleghany County

As I was driving down endless mud stricken roads, where rain slightly sprinkled the endless sky, and  where a line of mountains  slightly parted ways to make room for  the rising sun: I let  my Maryland naturally overtake me. It was the pill the videographer and I needed, to relax after tolerating a brutal morning.

My vision was full of mountainous beauty thanks to Alleghany County, keeping it natural by straying away from spotting the area with countless Starbucks, McDonalds or Panera chains.

I circled passed stark mountains, we finally entered into the Rocky Gap Resort area located in Flintstone, Maryland.  The water was crisp,sultry and kindly caresses  the resort with it’s kayaks and rowers.

We were lucky to have had a golf cart  readily provided for us so we could lug heavy camera equipment into our final destination ie the lavish conference room starring Senator Barbara Mikulski.

I brisked pass high profile politicians, dragging my laptop to a  a corner adjacent to the  National Organization of Women’s table, to gather  notes. I was then kindly treated to a delicious chicken lunch, that I barely scraped due to  tweeting, note taking and overall social media usage.   The room was adorned with tables promoting county campaigns, non-profit organizations and with countless supporters of the Md. Dem Party.

The event opened up with the honorable Senator Ben Cardin, highlighting Dems accolades over passing the Healthcare bill. He then educated the crowd that,  before this bill was passed, health insurance companies would increase premiums to pocket the profits.  That, thanks to Senator Barbara Mikulski, who literally went on the floor to fight for w omen’s health-care since no one else would, we are where we are as a country when it comes to national coverage.

I know, that as a woman who just graduated college– sans a full-time job or any benefits– I was overjoyed by the Senator’s actions, that on a national level, grads like me and countless people I know, won’t have to worry about sacrificing yearly check-ups or gynocology appointments during  these tough times.

When Senator Barbara Mikulski walked in, she was hidden amidst trees of people, and at 5’1,  I could barely see her. I secretly wished I was 6 foot 5 at that moment. When she arrived at the podium, she lowered her mic, tippy toed then joked, ” I’m glad to see you, can you all see me?”

As Senator Mikulski dug deep into her speech, talking about family values, trusting the government to help you and about why some  D.C officals  naively thinking that  the unemployed is simply a number, a statistic and data.  I secretly wished I had a video-camera to record all of this for recent female  grads who I know  are still struggling with this recession. So they will know  that, our senator, will always fight for us.

To Be Continued…

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