The Office: Kelly Kapoor aka Mindy Kaling

Even though Kelly Kapoor ( play by Mindy Kaling) is a minor character on “The Office” she is my most favorite. And yes, it’s not because she’s the only  South Indian Tamil actress on American television.

I like her because she doesn’t play the stereotypical Indian American women on TV. In fact, her character is very light-hearted, whimsical, into fashion and slightly stalker-ish ( she clings to Ryan in some-what unhealthy ways which is soo HILARIOUS).

Kelly’s quips are hilarious, and she always seems to add a pop-culture reference in most of her screen time. In comparison, I, too,  am also a pop-culture junkie, fashion-lover  and i’ve had friends say I am quite whimsical too with my one-liners.

During my college years, I’ve had numerous people tell me that I’m humerous just like  Kelly Kapoor and at first, I thought they were just saying that because she’s the only Tamil female on TV.

After watching several more episodes, I do see bits and pieces of myself in comparison to Kelly’s behaviors.  I do hate it when people assume that Kelly is a nitwit since that’s not truly the case.

 If you watch the show closely, you do see her intellect in how she manipulates situations. She’s also no wimp and quite fierce if any secondary or tertiary character messes with her. Lastly, she’s an avid fighter (emotionally) when she goes after what she wants.  She has commendable qualities albeit her lesser ones are more highlighted on the show.

I think my favorite Kelly-centric episode can be found on Hulu, it’s the ” Body Language” episode that Mindy Kaling directed.  You’ll see why this is my favorite once you watch it all the way through.


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