Goals: How to Curtail Procrastination

I found this interesting blog recently about goals being a vital part of life.

I’ve always been goal oriented but unrealistically so when I was younger. I used to  jot down literal  wishes versus actual tasks.

Recently, I decided to  save most of these “wish lists” into old show boxes ,as a way to  look back and laugh at myself when I reach 50. 

Although  the lettering  and  actual  wishes are  fading due to age– amidst fringed photos and other school memorabilia,–I wish reality shook me at a younger age to make  more concrete goals instead of fantasies.

In my last years of  college, I did learn the importance of making  realistic  goals and about  exacting them in the future.

 I tend to make effective to-do lists in my ” Rock & Roll” notebook, which I  carry with me  at all times, so I can read them to myself consistently.

 I may be an adult but I still remember my ridiculous fantasies from when I was naive, young, and unaware .  Here are a few of them:

  1. Meet Fred Savage from ” The Wonder Years” and tell him that I hearted him as a young girl
  2. Live in a mansion and own three tigers to protect me from shady people
  3. Invent a bacon cook book
  4. Find some way of being a princess and have legit documentation to prove it
  5. Be a tabloid Journalist (  I know better now, you can make so many enemies in that profession)
  6. Be 5’11 ( Oh, darn my genes, I missed that wish by 10 inches, )
  7. Find a way of walking into people’s dreams like Isabel Evans from “Roswell”
  8. Do back-flips ( yikes, never again)
  9. Skateboard like a pro ( I scraped my knees a lot trying to accomplish that)
  10. Be a Soap Opera star on ” Days of our Lives”
  11. Travel across the United States as a professional “groupie” for the band ” Travis”
  12. Be a super hero
  13. Sew a dress ( I had the sewing machine, but I forgot about it after a day)
  14. Develop a British accent
  15. Be psychic?!?
  16. Train my parakeets to speak ( they weren’t too bright, one of them would fly flat into a mirror on a daily basis and limp back to his corner like a chump)
  17. Find the meaning of life
  18. Be world famous
  19. Write a book that would land me on the  ” New York Times” best sellers list
  20. And finally, have a movie-oriented life as an adult ( um, maybe it’s a good thing that didn’t happen.. I hope that doesn’t happen)

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