Crispiroll:Creamy Japanese Wafers

I recently ate  at  Sushi Edo, which is located by the harbor, with my friend Matt .  I ordered these heart flavored spicy salmon sushi pieces and they were the most darling things i’ve ever seen.

I also drank two Ramuns and was thankful enough to have enough strength in my right hand hammer one marble straight into the bottle. It fizzied up a bubbly storm!

The highlight of my sushi outing,ofcourse, was when the check rolled in and the server poured like eight handfuls  of Japanese wafers on the table. I was thinking, is this moment for real?  My friend assured me that they did not make a mistake. He did have a reputation for tipping more than the next customer and I guess these decadent wafers were his ROI.

I took a small bite of the strawberry Crispiroll and after that, I couldn’t stop eating them. I know that gluttony is one of the seven deadliest sins but those Crispiroll wafers were just so addictive. The cream was sweet without over doing it and  the texture was amiable  with its’ airy crunch taste.

 Sweets like Crispiroll are high in fat and calories though. SoI decided to run off  all of the potential Crispiroll-weight  at the gym the next day. I will, however, never forget the day since  I porked out on these magic wafers like a fiend.


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