Delegate Al Carr: A Down-To-Earth Person

Delegate Al Carr was appointed to the House of Delegates in 2007 and has served district 18 with grace and aplomb.   Carr  has helped increased government transparency, has championed a bill that holds big energy services accountable for reliable services, and has helped pass the Job Creation and Recovery Tax Credit legislation.

That alone should sway any Mont.Co district 18 resident that he not only listens to his constituents but actually brings in results.   Though I am not a district 18 resident,  I do see how his efforts in the Maryland House of Representatives spawn positive change across my county.

Besides Delegate Carr  being a champion for the every day person, I do have my own set reasons for why I think he is a very down-to-earth delegate:

  1. Delegate Carr received a 100% rating from the Maryland League of Conservation Voters this year.
  2. Created a Tax Credit Program to boost Small Business.
  3. He serves on the House Environmental Matters Committee.
  4. “Has spent  20 years in the private sector in business management, sales, marketing and engineering”
  5. He makes it uber easy to get in direct contact with him via his Facebook page.
  6. He has sweet  New Media Skills.
  7. The Delegate is a fan of Wall-E , one of the most heart-wrenching,humorous  Pixar movies I’ve ever seen.
  8. Is a fan of  a soulful R& B singer, i.e, Lauren Hill
  9. Delegate Al Carr has advocated for the Chesapeake Bay.
  10. No matter where he goes in life, he still has a humble heart.

If these reasons are not enough to suffice, befriend him on Facebook or just visit his web page.

If these reasons more than suffice ( I mean, he is a fan of Lauren Hill) remember to get  off your coach and vote for Delegate Al Carr Sept. 14 2010.

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