Fair and Lovely Skin Cream: Is Unfair and Cruel

I don’t think a cream that reduces the amount of melanin in a woman’s face can make her beautiful overnight nor does it fix asymmetrical facial features. Creams can’t cure ugly.

Besides, some of the most beautiful women in the entire world are dark skinned ladies, i.e, Iman and Naomi Campbell for example.

They definitely don’t need this cream since their rich skin tones illuminate their deep bone structures and edifies their face, overall. I don’t understand why India perpetuates racism towards dark skinned Indians by heavily endorsing this  ridiculous product  in the media, thus, making them feel inferior for the way they look.

 It’s fact that   a majority of Indians are dark skinned and a minority are lighter skinned in the nation. I can see the profit factor by thrusting this product to the masses but there is absolutely no heart behind it.

Fair and Lovely Skin creams are not only sold in India. The company  broadcast Ads across  The Middle East and ships their products  to some parts of Africa. Honestly,  having lighter skin does not make someone more beautiful, get them a  better job  nor even help anyone  find a   better boyfriend ( As a multitude of these Ads denote).

What some people don’t realize is that within Indian, African, Asian, and even Hispanic communities, there is this   vapid mentality that: White is right and black is whack. Meaning, the darker your skin is, the uglier you are in the eyes of your own racial group.

I can assume this mentality was rooted during colonial periods, given that several European nations overruled so many countries and infected them with this misconception that being born with more melanin is the worst thing that can happen to you.

 It’s important to note that the more melanin someone has, the more protection they have against the sun.

Given this historical context, there’s still  no need to bring  that warped mindset  into 2010.  Women of ALL colors  have fought long and hard for equal rights when it comes to the way they look. We have the right to believe that:  Dark is lovely, curves are amazing,short is cute, and  freckles are divine.

Also, all lovely women  with Afros need to let it grow it. Nix that relaxer and nix those extensions. You are beautiful just the way you are!  Women  fought  centuries  to love and accept who they are!

I guess the point I want to make with this entry is to basically love who you are because if you don’t, don’t expect anyone else to.


  1. I went to the dentist a few weeks ago to have my braces on. I’ m still having difficulty in eating because of the wires. I also observed that I’ m having a lot of cuts inside my mouth because of the wires and I consider it very undesirable.

  2. Your blog entry is definitely an eye-opener and I agree that the obsession and overrepresentation of fair skin in the media is like telling naturally tan and dark girls that they are not pretty and worthy just like their fair-skinned counterparts. Very unrealistic way of doing it if you ask me.

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