How A 5 Minute Storm Gorged A Weeks Worth Of Electricity…

Sunday, July 26, 2010 was a  drab day, initially but later transcended into something remarkably dreadful. In the span of five minutes: a thrash of neon blue light slayed four trees in front of my house.Rain splattered against my home’s windows  and  wind far-flung itself against my roof;thus vibrating itself against my home  like a cell phone put on silent.

 Due to fear, I  fled downstairs and  huddled myself  into a thick comforter.I  also added theatrics to this scenario by screaming, “The world is ending, the world is ending.” My brother couldn’t tolerate my dramatics so he  coupled his actions by  verbally shutting me up, kicking me out of his room and by  giving me  a flashlight.

This was Sunday and today is Friday. No electricity, still.

Days and nights blurred without end. I couldn’t discern whether it was 7 or 12 p.m since my cell phone wasn’t awarded the opportunity to get recharged. Showering, eating and studying for my finals–by flashlight–posited me into a  third world country situation.

I had to forage different areas of Montgomery Country  for an open outlet to charge my cell phone, energize my laptop and to find a   ventilated area to study in. The initial days of the storm, were a twofold struggle. One, I had to figure out how to do my final papers sans with working internet and two I had to figure out a way to wake up on time for my internship and part-time job. Luckily for me, I was able to succesfully  transplant myself  at the Barnes and Nobles in Northern Bethesda for a majority of the week.

It was heaven on earth since it held  a motley of homebound luxuries such as: air conditioning, hot food, new books, working internet; and allotted me a chance to catch up with friends since I was able to charge my cell phone somewhere. It was great that I could also whet my intellect by freely reading my textbooks under glorious florescent light. I’m so glad I had the acumen to run away from home.

 It was only recently that I heard through the grapevine that electricity will return to my house around Sunday ( first day of August and first day of freedom sans school work).  However, I’m still in disbelief over how a 5 minute storm noshed away 168 hours of electricity from my house?

That  storm was a hurricane, I don’t care what DMV weather reports say. I mean, just a week ago, my area had a 10 minute, easy to sleep through,earthquake,blaze a silent trail around the Gaithersburg area and now we have  a junque hurricane? The D.C suburbs never get  crazy weather! Why now?

This cache of wild weather may be due to global warming or that nasty oil spill that drowned parts of the Gulf coast. Whatever it is, I hope I can sleep  next week, without being fraught with damp sweat and without  meandering in the dark of my house like a pilgrim.

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