Jango:A Better Alternative To Pandora

I’ve been an earnest fan of Pandora for sometime now. I have an array of stations ranging from The Bee Gees to Drake.

I like how I can listen to Pandora without paying a monthly fee and I have finite opportunities  to skip over songs that irk me, i.e., anything featuring Taylor Swift.

Now remember, I never said I loved Pandora, I only said that I liked it.Jango is the love of my online radio life. It beats Pandora for these subsequent reasons:

1.) Pandora is only free for the first 40 hours. After your monthly periods, you can either pay an extra dollar or get bombarded with more advertisement to join Pandora 1 (they have unlimited hours, and no advertisement). Jango, on the other hand, is free 24/7.

2.) Pandora Radio listeners can skip over songs for the first 20-30 minutes. After wards, they are hampered into whatever Pandora has bestowed upon them. No matter how many thumbs down you cast on that song, it will not get skipped. Jango allows you to click on  emoticons that denote whichever song is worthy or not worthy for your personal station. You  also have the ability to skip over to any station, and to not be constricted to Jango’s aforementioned selections.

3.) Pandora flagrantly has ads intermittently placed between songs. These ads ocassionally transform into wide-spread pop-ups that detract from your online musical experience. You can’t skip over these ads since Pandora vaunts how much they need it to provide you free music ( well only the first 40 hours of it). Jango may have pop-up ads but they provider listeners a small blue hyperlink to click out of the ad.  Their ads only pop-up every so often, and with just a simple click from your mouse,  it disappears.

4.) Pandora’s stations play a variety of music, but after awhile the musical selection remains stagnant. Jango changes up their musical selection and gives radio users the chance to help new artists get more air time.

5.) Pandora tends to tither into outlier musical artist selections that don’t always correspond with your aforementioned station. Jango is on key and selects artists with similar tone, lyrics, melody and etc., for your viewing discretion.

6.) Pandora doesn’t  give you an option when it comes to deleting  bands from your station. Jango lets you delete whatever bands,  or songs from all of your stations. In fact, if you get bored with your own station you can tune into another user’s station.

7.) Pandora primarily lets users favorite a song. Jango lets users view pictures, videos and even buy ringtones from their favorite artists.

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