La Madeleine:Try Their Blackberry Cream Cheese Pastry

I traversed to downtown Bethesda this weekend, and attempted to brush up on my grammar skills. La Madeleine was quaint enough for me, given that it’s furnished with a working fire place, country styled furniture and it serves smooth French coffee. I only had 40 minutes to spare before I had to take the metro to see a friend at Busboys and Poets, off U Street.

Forty minutes sped through, and I was in sheer heaven. Mmmm, blackberry cream cheese pastry!

I asked the baker, what was their most filling dessert and they said their bran muffin. Yeah, I didn’t want to consume cardboard during twilight hours.

I pointed at the most dilapidated treat, scruffed with powder sugar, and congested with nooks and crannies. It was their blackberry cream cheese pastry and the baker said that was their second most filling treat.  It was totally worth my 2 bucks and if I could go back in time, I would’ve bought two more.

It’s not uber sugary like most American desserts. The blackberry taste was subtle and not overly tart. The cream cheese saddled well with my taste buds and didn’t quite taste like the cream cheese found in most cheesecakes. It has a refined, velvety texture and a slight, penetrating taste.

Overall, I’m glad I was obnoxious with the baker. I give this dessert an A, for Awwww yeah!

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