Meet Hoan Dang:A Candidate With Business Know-How

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs. Complaining is not enough to quash the problem away. You can’t just talk a problem away with iterance. So why not lessen the severity by casting a vote?

Hoan Dang is not just any candidate running to be delegate of District 19, he’s a candidate with extensive business and regulatory experience, and that’s what we need to combat our sticky job situation.

Dang has worked in the private sector for over 11 years and  has actually  helped small business owners comply with government regulations, and knows the conditions that small businesses face.Past experiences,alone, peg Dang as a great assistant to small businesses when it comes to keeping and expanding them.

Our U.S history books is a great indication of what can spawn success or failure in the future. Precisely when it comes to economic success, up to 80% of all new jobs in the U.S. are created by small-business owners.

Dang’s major concern for small business health, is a strong indication that he’s well aware of how to facilitate an economically healthier  district 19.

If you delve further into his website, you  see that he places Jobs above all other issues. If elected, he  portends to “strive to bring high-quality public and private jobs to District 19 by increasing the funds allocated to the Small Business Credit Recovery Program, offering tax incentives for businesses already based in Maryland, and simplify the process by which small business owners can qualify to bid on state contracts.”

His vows aren’t cheap; they are pregnant with  experience and have underpinnings in mending faltering small businesses.Educationally speaking, he did earn an MBA in Finance and a Master of Science in Operations Research from the University of Maryland. He has the street smarts AND the book smarts to tackle this issue head on.

Dang worked at a Maryland-based Fortune 500 corporation, for the past 11 years, as: a senior financial analyst, an internal auditor and a regulatory compliance officer. In Dang’s last position,”he has  helped his company and hundreds of subcontractors — most of whom were small and disadvantaged businesses — comply with federal acquisitions regulations (FAR).”

Vote for a candidate who knows a thing or too about struggling small businesses. Who knows what it takes to help them pull out of their own turmoil and who knows that a healthy economy, comes from job growth. Vote Hoan Dang! A candidate with business know-how.

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