Play Baltimore:10 Reasons Why You Should Join

Play Baltimore is a social club that meets once a week.  Members have the opportunity to play a variation of sports and they get to mingle and make long-lasting friendships.  It differs from other social clubs and provides members with a plethora of perks, such as:

1.) Discounts for group Happy Hour rates.

2.) New friends, If you are new to the Baltimore area.

3.) Weekend Opportunities to play: football, kick ball, basketball, dodgeball, volleyball, softball, soccer, tennis or floor hockey.

4.) Opportunities to attend business networking events called HEIDnSeek.

5.) Internship opportunities and college credit.

6.) Besides working up a sweat, dance novices can take reduced priced salsa lessons with the rest of the team.

7.) Single?  Well, Play Baltimore has Lock & Key Events, held in Red Maple, to fix that.

8.) Don’t need to already be in a team to participate in Play Baltimore. A free agent system is utilized so everyone can be part of a team.

9.) Online registration is available and  easy to use.

10.) It’s fun.

If you have anymore questions, join the group’s Facebook page or send it to:

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