Roger Manno:Leadership Takes Teamwork

For the past four years, Delegate Roger Manno has served Maryland’s 19th legislative district. As a delegate, he has received the highest legislative rating in the state by the Progressive Maryland Education Fund and is only one of two legislators in the state to receive a a perfect score from both Environment Maryland and the Maryland League of Conservation Voters.

It’s transparent to any constituent from the area that Manno puts forth 100 percent into all of his  initiatives.

With a stellar track like that, why not vote him into the senate? Why not extol  at this prospect? Besides the fact that Manno has the ingenuity and the drive to raise constituents concerns at the Maryland State Senate, he’s dealt with something that not all candidates have dealt with, a childhood wrought with broken health care promises.

As a young child, his entire family faced a slew of health problems and like millions of Americans in the past, suffered through shaky health care. Lack of health care not only cost his father his own life, but it left his mother in thousands of dollars of debt.

It was bad enough dealing with hard pressed bill collectors; but it was doubly worse when young Manno suffered from an atrial defect and his own mother had to battle cervical cancer, without health insurance.

Without  insurance, it was close to impossible for his family to afford necessary procedures to sustain his and his mother’s lives.  They had to resort to tertiary attempts,(sans skilled physicians, modern medical tools and proper facilities) as a way to deal. It was sheer luck that his mother ran into a local pediatric cardiologist who felt for the small family’s dire health and economic status, thus,  regularly took care of him for free.

Altruism, in free medical form, is quite uncommon.  Young Manno was lucky and knew, since then, to take it upon himself to correct social injustices like this.

Manno personally knew that American healthcare was flawed and has always worked towards comprehensive health care reform so no one else would ever go through what he went through. Losing a father, and almost being penniless at a young age.

His campaign’s motto is: leadership takes teamwork. This is true, especially since it takes a supportive coalition of votes to pass legislature that will ensure families affordable healthcare.

Manno is one vote that truly encompasses what several residents in district 19 have faced due to lackluster health care. With your teamwork(votes) and his leadership (fighting for you), district 19 may not face what Manno faced, as a young boy.


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