NYC Fashion Week:Stevie Boi’s ‘The Woods’

Last weekend, I took the bolt bus with a good friend of mine for New York City’s Fashion week. Inspite of my last minute planning, the trip was better than I expected. We stayed at the posh Hotel Pennsylvania by Madison Square Garden and had only one hour to spare before the big show.

I packed light, but ensured that my style was hella tight for tonight since I was going to be a room full of top stylists and fashionistas. I decided to wear chandelier earrings from papaya, a tight dress from BCBGMaxaria, a black coach purse and shiny silver tong slippers from Guess.

After we dressed up, we boarded a bright yellow taxi to La Vie for Stevie Boi’s “The Woods” show. Apparently, this was the same place that Miss America traipsed too the week before. I guess maybe that’s why the lines were long, but inspite of that, we got in on time.

The club was adorned with red velvet coaches, and had plumes of silky hookah smoke drape the air. I felt like I was  in a movie but I knew it was reality since Keanu Reeves didn’t make an appearance. Sigh!

Anyways, my friend and I socialized and met so many wonderful stylists, models, and entrepreneuers. Since  several of them have struck such a strong chord with me I plan on spotlighting a slew of them in future blog entries.

The show, itself, was the highlight of my night. Stevie Boi’s eye for fashion truly shows with his trademark shades, soft velvet attires and with a splash of fantasy from Grimm’s fairty tales. When I was young, I read alot of fairy tales and often fantasized of the protagonists wearing costumes that sparkle, shine and rapture. I swear, Stevie Boi captured my childhood fantasies and crafted magic. Wearable magic, that is.

I wish I had the right words to color in what I saw.  Well, it’s a good thing I took pictures:

 Famed celeb eye-shade designer and host, Stevie Boi,wearing his infamous shades.                                                                           

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