D.Celeste:New York City Jewelry Maker

Last weekend, I was asked by a good friend if I was like all the other girls when it came to shoes. I was perplexed, and asked my friend what he meant. He said, ” You know how most girls are obsessed with shoes and like spend their weekly paychecks on Jimmy Choo’s or Steve Maddens? Are you that kind of girl? ”

I answered, ” No, I know how to budget, thank you very much. And, I splurge on some shoes but I am more of a jewelry person. I like real, fake, costume and ethnic jewelry.”

Besides shutting him up. I do love wearing jewelry, all kinds. I love bangles, earrings, necklaces, anklets and rings.  Having said that, I must tell you what tickled my fancy awhile back..

I was in NYC for fashion week and around this bar, I couldn’t stop staring at this big bow ring worn by this woman. I’ve never seen anything like it before and wondered if she made it from scratch. I timidly asked her about the ring, and she kindly detailed me about her up-and-coming jewelry line. Her name is Andrea Celeste ( You can follow her on Twitter to get the 411 on her line : http://twitter.com/MsDreaCeleste) and her fashion line is called D. Celeste.

Her work is custom-made and one-of-a kind work. She specializes in working with metals, wires, chains, metals, semi-precious stones and with glass beads. Celeste’s aim is to be edgy with a dash of sophistication and that ring alone, gives her credibility in my books.  Besides owning a growing business, she also blogs on a semi-frequent basis.

Check her out and if you buy that ring I love with all my heart, I will so envy you.

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