Edo Tastic: Model, Poet, and Dreamer

                                                      ( Model shots courtesy of Brian Shumay, acclaimed NYC Photographer)

Edo Tastic  is a man of several iconic facets, who has only just begun.  Though he is a new comer into the modeling world, he has surely ignited the vocation with various magazine appearances, fierce cat walks and by modeling with up-and-coming fashion lines.

What most people don’t realize  is that Edo Tastic is not your every day model.  He lacks all the bad traits that truly stigmatizes the field such as having an ego, being cold-hearted, selfish and cruel.

When I first met him in upper Manhattan, he had a soft air about him that was  full of acceptance, eagerness and energy.  It was almost like talking to my best friend but he was a high-end model. What a rarity!

After getting to know him better through deep phone conversations, it became transparent why he was not the run of the mill model. He had a difficult childhood full of un-acceptance since he was born to think outside the box.

“All my life I’ve always  felt so different amongst my own peer group. I never felt like I ever belonged so why even try.  I decided to remain solo since no one understood my dreams. I knew I at least had company with my world of words,” Edo Tastic painfully recounts.

Edo Tastic, as a young boy, would combat his lonliness by self-expression and though he’s not so alone anymore, he’d never forsake his pen and paper. Still, In his spare time he would  jot down cogent, but lithe poetry on loose leaf paper as a way to better solidify the flames of creativity spouting from his noggin. He refuses to write any poetry on his computer since he feels it loses authenticity since pen to paper rejuvenates life into his world of words.

He knew he was going to be a top-notch model, and choose to forego every single person he encountered who told him consistently that   he couldn’t do it.

He knew that: The  New York City streets were his private runway, twenty-two years back; And that  trains,  buses, and street poles were his  personal space to pose.  In his heart, cameras flashed, enticed and bedazzled.  The show will star the weird, awkward kid that couldn’t belong to any clique.

Even his moniker, Edo Tastic, fleshes out his unique zest that is meant to stand out and not stand in with sheep-like cliques.

Edo Tastic dreams of thrusting himself as a world brand by aggregating all of his special talents into one package. Anything is possible with someone who has fought down nay-sayers, dealt with icy loneliness and who has dreamed a dreamed that no one else could see, but he.

He’s a perfect example of someone believing against the odds and winning. His American dream can be anyone’s dream if they just believe hard enough that anything is possible, in spite of the odds.

After my own phone conversation with Edo Tastic, I started going after what I wanted in life and felt that anything was possible.

If you ever want to feel inspired to go after your dreams, simply be friends with him on Facebook. Write on his wall, ask him a question or just say hello. He will not bite but I assure you, he will inspire you to never quit.


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