Henley Bounkhong:Premier Underground Artist of 2010

I may not be an art connoisseur but I do know what good underground art looks like. It looks identical to that  portrait of those two koi fish swimming upwards.  Henley Bounkhong is the best artist I have ever met in my entire life. After  10+ years of going to an eclectic variation of art museums, I have never seen any piece of art invoke passion, curiosity and mystery like his work.

I’ve seen him draw,color and doodle  in several of his thought-provoking pieces at the Starbucks in Northern Bethesda.  I  also honestly don’t think any artist today could ever compare to him.  As subjective as this may sound, you have to see it to believe it. He takes careful consideration for every line drawn, color shaded in and with  incorporating his own cultural background into his work.

Bounkhong has been tweeking his art for countless years and his work is a definite attraction at Starbucks. You may find this hard to believe, but all the images you’ve seen, thus far, came straight from his imagination.


If you are curious about more of his artwork, be a fan of his Facebook page: Golden Rabbit Silent Monkey.

If you need something with spice to adorn any blank walls in your  house, simply write on Bounkhong’s Facebook page wall to access more information…

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