The Posh Girls:Be True, Be You, Be Beautiful With Posh Boutique

Being fashionable is not something you can always learn at school, it’s really an innate ability to craft a style or to pick out an outfit that will make everyone stop and stare. I  very briefly met Kia Wongus at a NYC fashion show held in Upper Manhatten, and was awe-struck over her ensemble.The colors were right, and it fit the aura of the event to a perfect-T: how did she do it?

I think she’s born with “it” and I was right because she, her twin sister Tania Ghee  are co-partners of  the highly laudable Philly store Posh Boutique ( As opposed to Totally Posh Boutique).

 This fashion  mecca is located in the heart and soul of the Historic Northern Liberties neighborhood of Philadelphia, in a brand new lifestyle complex called The Piazza.   For all you non-native Philly-ites, the piazza is fast becoming one of the premier go-to destinations for the city’s young, hip and trendy. It’s the hot-spot for those with an acumen in fashion and with design trends.

Generally,  their customers are women between the ages of 20-40 years old who crave anything: Stylish, Urban, and Chic. Besides God-given fashion sense, Wongus and Ghee innately know how to make a customer feel at home. They cater each customer and ensure that when they walk out the doors, a smile of contentment walks out with them.

Posh Boutique’s cache of style, customer satisfaction and amazing apparel has been featured on several media outlets such as : NBC Philadelphia, Temple University’s Site, Inquire MagazineABC Local,  and Fox Philadelphia.

Wongus also has Web 2.0 intellect, follow her on Twitter: or her blog: If you have any personal questions about Posh! Boutique you can also directly contact her at:

A huuge part of me wishes there was a Posh Boutique in Maryland but I wouldn’t mind making a road trip down to Philly. Anyone with eye-catching fashion sense like Kia Wongus and Tania Ghee definitely deserves my personal effort of driving 1-2 hours down for a fashion session. 

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