Rashad Corey:Fashion Stylist With Gusto And Flare

Rashad Corey is a true renassiance man in the fashion industry.  He is not only a Freelance Wardrobe Stylist, Designer, and Fashion Show Producer but he’s a true blood entrepreneuer. Recently, Corey launched his own company entitled Rashad Corey Productions, which Offers Fashion Show Production, Wardrobe Styling, and Fashion Design Services

Besides being a Jack of all trades, he is definitely not a novice in the fashion industry since he has extensive fashion experience.He has worked as an assistant stylist with BET 106 and Park Top 10 Live with Wardrobe Styling and  with their event planning. He’s also been spotted during New York Fashion week  doing backstage coordination and has been a Fashion Show Producer for Philadelphia’s Fashion Up which is hosted  by NBC Productions.

Corey has definitely helped bring Baltimore ( his home area) to the map by pushing the envelopes further in the fashion industry based on everything he has accomplished. Though he currently lives in Philadelphia, he still has solid roots back in his home area. His education background stems from  The Art Institute of Philadelphia for Fashion Design where he fortified his expertise in: Avant-Garde fashion, Bleaching, Dying, Renewal, Sewing, Couture, and Ready-To-Wear.

Rashad Corey is a strong believer in fashion having a firm hold with human culture. He plans to use his company as a vehicle for influence and change in fashion’s history, influence and with its’ importance.  With that said, if you need a fashion wake up call please e-mail him at: rashad.corey@yahoo.com. He’s a complete sweetheart and will totally transform your ensemble into decadent eye candy.


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