Ricky Trendy: Wear What They Fear


Stylist Ricky Trendy Da’Vista is a wardrobe stylist and accessory designer hailing from Hartford Connecticut.  His fashion line, Da’Vista Shades, breaks fashion taboos and sets the record straight when it comes to being stylistically forward.

Besides Da’Vista having  an extensive educational and professional background in the fashion industry, he also  leads a double life by working his 9 to 5 while also working as wardrobe stylist 24/7.  He always knew what he wanted to do, from a young age. He knew that,”  it’s all about doing whatever it takes to achieve your goals and dreams!”

Da’Vista always puts the customer first when it comes to accessorizing and styling their wardrobes. He knows that customer satisfaction is what drives the fashion market. He also has the rare ability to  tailor his services to any type of person. No matter how easy-going or how perfectionistic they may be.

Da’Vista was also blessed with the rare opportunity to work with ALL models, ranging from small to plus sized men and women.
His mantra: Wear What They Fear, is encompassed in all of his shade designs.  Also, check out his Facebook page if you want more information on his latest line.


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