Successful Black Females: Are Here To Stay, Thank You Very Much

Remember that stereotype of African American Women ten to twenty years back?  If you do remember it, then you know that it’s a very cruel and disheartening typecast for a group that has endured the most unimaginable hardships in the last several hundred years.

Well, it’s 2010 and times have surely changed. Why stereotype when one can praise this group for striving hard and for overcoming so many insurmountable odds. We must also acknowledge successful black females  for excelling in academics,  their careers, financially and especially with advancing the beauty standard.

In recent decades, African American Women enrollment in college has doubled, and they are definitely dominating management-related careers. When you thinks about the world’s richest woman, who do you think about first? Oprah?  Why yes, correct response  but there are also more  career-minded African American women then ever was before.

Also, when you think about one of the most beautiful, successful women in the entire world:Who do you think could  top that list? Beyonce Knowles? Why, yes, correct. The beauty standard has improved after hundreds of years. Curvier bodies, plumper hair, darker skin and large eyes outweigh light skin, thin lips, and wispy body types.

Forget about what haters say about all African American women being ghetto, uneducated, and  lazy; especially, since that is a blatant stereotype that has officially been squashed as of now.  A majority of them are iron-clad role models with stealth, ambition and ingenuity.

When I was in undergrad, my college RA, Laura, epitomized  what it takes to be a successful African American Woman. She was not only the best RA I know ( she deliciously reprimanded the world’s most obnoxious under aged drunks) but she’s a very skilled teacher now, teaching fourth graders. I look up to her because she wants more than a masters, most likely a Phd. She is never done learning and has true integrity.

She’s only one of millions of successful black females in the United States,so, this entry is a simple shout-out for  all the strong black females out there: just like my college RA.



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