Mercura Sunglasses in NYC: I Want A Pair Pronto!

Forget Ray Bans and forget Dolce and Gabanna. I want a pair of Mercura Sunglasses next time I head over to New York City.

The store is apparently located in the Chelsea Hotel & The Chelsea Spa and they seem to rock eye-shades very hard. Their shades remind of 17th century French gold sculptures encrusting over protective sunglasses.

It looks so fashion forward that I bet Lady Gaga would wait in line for a pair. Apparently this company creates paintings, sculptures, jewelry, inventions besides the occasional unusual eye-shadewear.

I honestly wonder where I could wear these glasses since I only live in the MDV area. Maybe Dupont circle, perhaps?


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  1. Prurbessell says:

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  2. Dewey Novad says:

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  3. car rims says:

    ghost ride that whip

  4. Thank you for the fabulous article. We have posted on our facebook, Mercura Sunglasses and are excited to meet with you in NYC!

  5. matt says:

    makes me want to drink alchoholic beverages

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