7-Eleven: Skip the pizza, they have weight-loss options

Seven-Eleven is the prime spot to hit when you have the  midnight munchies for Jamaican beef patties, pizza and slurpees ( remember that joke President Barack Obama made about fostering relations with Majority House leader John Boehner over frosty and delicious slurpees?).

However,  when you initially think 7-Eleven, you  think about fatty foods that extend your belly, butt and thighs–ugh.

 Well, those generalizations should come to a halt since I’ve been conducting my own  health experiment over 7-Eleven’s array of food;and I realize that they do have healthy options.

For the past two months, i’ve been frequenting there for smoked almonds, Kefir ( Yogurt 2.0, better for digestion), carrots and celery sticks,  and for their smoked Turkey sandwiches on whole wheat bread. I also interposed my lunch/dinner options with hot coffee ( with skim milk and fake sweetener) or cold  V-8 drinks.

I can happily boast that 7-Eleven’s healthy options are actually “HEALTHY” and  they  help you stave off extra pounds if you eat them consistently. Also If you Google almonds, Kefir, and the rest of my food options, you get plausable results linking to direct weight loss correlations.

 Prior to my experiment, I  was  around 103-104 pounds. After two months,  I definitly shaved off a few pounds( oh, and hitting the gym 2-3 times a week helped a bit too).

I can’t promise that everyone will lose weight with these selected items, but I can affirm that 7-Eleven is putting effort in bringing its’ consumers healthier options. I mean, you just have to say no to their donuts, beef sticks, and other 7-Eleven branded goodies and it’s right there for your beckoning.

Seven-Eleven also carries: pita and hummus dips, apple dips, 2-3 kinds of salads,fruit, veggies, yogurts, all sorts of nuts, nutritious sandwiches on whole wheat bread, and vitamin drinks.The healthier options are filling and they won’t dent your wallet, fyi.

All it really takes is for you  is to say goodbye 7-Eleven Jamaican Beef Patties and say hello 7-Eleven select veggies with dip.


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