Prohibition 2010:The Fourloko Era

The FDA has officially instilled that December 13, 2010 is the day when FourLoko will be removed from shelves forever.

Albeit, though subsequent reports from November 17th and onwards has deemed FourLoko and  a laundry list of others as potentially fatal: This major tidbit  will not stop the masses.

I get it that “blackout in a can”  has 12 percent alcohol;the magic four ingredients ( gaurana, taurine, caffeine and alcohal); is marketed to a younger audience and it’s the root cause of several hospitilizations across the state.

Even though a massive list of universities, breweries, convenience stores and alcohol establishments have banned the drink, that doesn’t mean jack.

 I don’t really think it will stop the millenia generation for hording not only Fourloko but Joose, Tilt and a slew of others from their local beer and wine joint.

What makes this drink enticing is that: it’s going to be illegal, the FDA hates it, there is a delayed feeling of drunkardness due to the caffeine masking its true affects and that it’s quite reminiscent of the 1920’s prohibition era.

You remember that era, right? When alcohol was illegal for the masses so illegal establishments like speakeasies were created for the simple transaction of this “illegal substance”. 

Alcohol is definitely not illegal in 2010 due to the influx of illegal activity rooted with extorting liquor at all costs in the 1920’s, which later overturned that ban into an age restriction ( 21 years old+) for most adults.

 I am sure that there will be Fourloko binge parties at several universities, social meet-ups, group gatherings thanks to probition 2010. What a way to end the year, loko-style..

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