Garmin GPS Device: Why are you my Frenemy?

I’ve been using GPS devices to get around to farther locations since  early 2009 and as of now, I am quite dependent on it.I definitely needed one to traverse congested beltways, highways and anyway..really.

My first GPS device, an Intech, was barely holding on to its’ cord when I first recieved it.t would turn on and off every 15 minutes and it barely suctioned unto my car’s window.

Ironically enough, right when I was about to make a tricky turn, that darn thing would temporarily break in two ( suction and gps) and travel aimlessly in the front foot area of my car.

I’ve almost been smashed by or hit the following: Hummers, Jeep Cherokees, Mercedez Benzes, Corvettes, oil tanks, tow trucks and ambulances.

Well, after my Intech died on Christmas day 2009 (RIP); I decided to get a Garmin since I figured investing in the best GPS device means less instances of me ramming my car into an oncoming Hummer.

Well I did get a Garmin, but boy was I wrong about it giving me less drama.

Though my Garmin barely shuts down, the suction is still less than par. It still falls down frequently and it gets me into more “almost” car accidents. I thought I would have a better relationship with my Garmin than with my Intech.

 It’s nice that my Garmin may direct me at times towards a some-what right direction, but she does  betray me every now and again as she breaks away from me–on to the floor, ofcourse.  It’s fact, my Garmin is my frenemy.

I  just hope one day, we can develop a better relationship in the future. I consider my Intech to be an intolerable cousin or sibling that your forced to get along with but my Garmin is definitely a frenemy since she actually benefits me sometimes.

 Until then, I will simply put up with her difficult manner and let her be.

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