Ohio:Decadent treats in an unexpected place

For Christmas break I  traversed around  the state of Ohio and was awe-struck over a few things.  For starters, I didn’t know that  “A Christmas Story” was filmed in Cleveland Ohio and that they had a kitschy museum built inside the house.

Second, who knew that Ohio had delicious food that makes that state distinct amongst the rest.

Whenever some people think about the state of Ohio they think about inane criminal behavior, bed bugs, Lebron James and an ever faltering economy that worsens as the days loom onwards.

Well, I pride myself in having sui generis tastes so I guess Ohio tastes great to me.

 I was an ardent Cadbury Chocolates fan but after eating some Malley’s milk chocolate: I decided to break up with Cadbury. Apparently, Malley stores can only be found in Cleveland Ohio and that is such an inconvenience for me since I am a Maryland resident.

If you drive two hours away from Cleveland Ohio, you reach Columbus. And my oh my, you hit a region jam-packed with Graeters ice cream. I am not much of fan of ice cream, more like a hardcore enemy of it. Yet Graeters black raspberry chip lulled me to the light. I can’t stop eating it. Goodbye Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey!

Lastly, though this is more of a mid-western chain versus a restaurant distinct to Ohio, they do make impressive shakes. Steak and Shake has the best chocolate strawberry shake i’ve ever gulped. I love how the slight tart of the strawberry pieces fleshes well with the icy chocolate shake. It’s pure genuis really.

Please don’t let popular misconceptions over the state of Ohio fool you. There are some great things hidden in this industrial heavy state. Like piquant chocolate covered caramels or scrumptious burgers.


  1. Hi Sherryn! Loved your article! I’m from Ohio and think it’s great that you loved so many of our delicious foods! In the late spring you must try Graeters strawberry chip ice-cream it’s the best!! Also, if you’re ever in Ohio again you have to try Skyline Chili- another Cincinnati native.

  2. When you get back here to try Skyline Chili…pick up some Esther Price chocolates made in Dayton. Better yet, don’t wait. Order some from their website http://www.EstherPrice.com.

    I like the dark chocolate but they make milk chocolate too!

  3. Decision still pending at Graeters as the buyer struggles with bring in his 1st pint at $4.99. We are trying to get him off the fence and any help from you and your fans to request Graeters at you local Wegmans will help.

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